Seafarer's Medicals in Parramatta and Sydney

Embark on a health journey tailored to your needs with Persona Health's Domestic Seafarer's Medical service. 

Look no further than Persona Health for your Domestic Seafarer's Medical

Smooth Sailing, Swift Results: Domestic Seafarer's Medical

Embark on your maritime adventure with confidence, powered by Persona Health's commitment to efficiency, precision, and expertise. Our Domestic Seafarer's Medical service not only meets the exacting standards of the AMSA Form 1850 but also goes above and beyond to ensure your health is our top priority.

Rapid Results, Same-Day Assurance

Time is of the essence when setting sail, and Persona Health understands the urgency. Our fast-track service ensures that you receive your Seafarer's Medical report within an impressive 24 hours, often on the very same day. Navigate your health requirements swiftly, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead.

Tailored for Your Trade: Specialised Care for Catering and Engineering Workers

For catering and engineering professionals, Persona Health recognises the unique demands of your roles. Our Seafarer's Medical service adapts to your needs, incorporating a Hepatitis A serology to assess the necessity of a Hepatitis A vaccine. Engineers, working with sewerage systems, and catering staff, handling food, receive specialised attention to ensure they are protected against potential occupational health risks.

Efficiency in Action: A One-Hour Medical Journey

Your time is precious, and we respect that. The entire Seafarer's Medical process at Persona Health takes approximately one hour. From the moment you step into our facility to the swift delivery of your medical report, we streamline the process without compromising the thoroughness of our examination.

Experts at the Helm: Experienced Occupational Health Professionals

Persona Health takes pride in our team of medical professionals, each with years of experience in Occupational Health. Trust in the hands of experts who understand the unique health challenges posed by maritime work. We deliver a comprehensive medical service that exceeds industry standards, all at the best possible price.

Embark on a health journey tailored to your needs with Persona Health's Domestic Seafarer's Medical service. Set sail with confidence, knowing that your health and safety are our priority.


Standard Domestic Seafarer's Medical


Includes GST

  • Complete Seafarer's Medical and Certificate
  • Fast report turnaround (within 24 hours)
Catering/Engineering Domestic Seafarer's Medical


Includes GST

  • Complete Seafarer's Medical and Certificate
  • Hepatitis A serology

Curious, Shipmate?

What Happens During a Seafarer's Medical?

During a Seafarer's Medical, the process is designed to assess an individual's health and fitness for maritime work, ensuring they meet the standards set by regulatory authorities like the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). While specific details can vary, here's a general overview of what typically happens during a Seafarer's Medical:

Medical History Review:

You'll be asked about your medical history, including any existing conditions, medications, surgeries, or allergies.

Physical Examination:

A thorough physical examination is conducted, which may include checking your vital signs, vision, hearing, and overall physical condition.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring:

Measurement of blood pressure and heart rate to assess cardiovascular health.

Lung Function Test:

A spirometry test will be performed to assess lung function and respiratory health.

Vision and Hearing Tests:

Evaluations to ensure that your vision and hearing meet the required standards for maritime work.


A urine test to check for any abnormalities or indicators of health issues.

Blood Tests:

If your role is in catering or engineering then a blood test for Hepatitis A is required. If your blood contains no Hep,A antibodies, then a vaccine will be required. Hepatitis A vaccine is administered in two doses, six months apart,

Specialised Tests for Certain Job Roles:

Depending on your job role, specialized tests may be conducted. For example, catering and engineering staff may undergo a Hepatitis A serology test to determine the need for a Hepatitis A vaccine.

Fitness Assessment:

The medical may include a fitness assessment to ensure that individuals are physically capable of handling the demands of maritime work.

Medical Certificate Issuance:

Based on the results of the medical examination, a medical certificate is issued if the individual meets the required health standards. This certificate is often a prerequisite for working in certain maritime roles.

It's important to note that the specific tests and procedures can vary based on regional regulations and the nature of the maritime work involved. Persona Health, in adherence to AMSA guidelines, ensures that each step of the Seafarer's Medical is conducted with precision, efficiency, and a focus on occupational health and safety. If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know about the process, feel free to ask.

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