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Planning to live or work overseas? Some countries - especially in the Middle-East - require a barrage of medical tests for a visa. Look no further than Persona Health for your Visa Medical.

Visa Medicals Made Easy with Persona Health

Are you planning to live and work in the Middle East? Navigating the medical requirements for visa applications can be daunting, but with Persona Health, you're in expert hands. We understand the complexities of visa medicals and are committed to providing a seamless and comprehensive service that ensures you meet all necessary health regulations with ease.

Our Services

Blood Tests

Our comprehensive blood tests screen for a variety of communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and more, ensuring that all health requirements are met.

Chest X-Rays

We provide chest X-rays to screen for Tuberculosis (TB), a crucial requirement for many Middle Eastern countries. Our imaging services are fast, accurate, and convenient.

Stool and Urinalysis Tests

For countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, we offer stool tests for parasites and urinalysis for drug testing, ensuring all specific health criteria are fulfilled.

Doctor's Examination and Certification

Our qualified doctors conduct thorough physical examinations and provide the necessary medical certificates and letters required for your visa application. We ensure that all documentation is accurate and comprehensive, giving you peace of mind.

Easy and Efficient Process

With clinics located across Sydney in Parramatta, Rosebery, and Gregory Hills, Persona Health offers convenient access to our top-tier services. Our streamlined process ensures minimal wait times and quick results, so you can focus on your travel plans without unnecessary delays.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We prioritise your privacy and confidentiality at every step. All medical information is handled with the utmost care, ensuring your personal data is secure.

Visa Medicals Sydney

Book an Appointment

Schedule your appointment online or by calling our friendly customer service team. We offer flexible appointment times to suit your schedule.

Visa Medicals Sydney - Blood Tests

Complete Your Tests

Visit one of our clinics where our professional staff will guide you through the required tests. Our efficient process ensures that all necessary procedures are completed promptly.

Visa Medicals Sydney - Nurse

Receive Your Results and Certification

Our medical team will review your results and provide the required certifications for your visa application. We ensure all documentation meets the specific requirements of your destination country.

Visa Medicals Sydney

Submit Your Visa Application

With your medical results and certification in hand, you can confidently submit your visa application, knowing that all health requirements are fully met

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Embarking on a new journey to the Middle East should be exciting, not stressful. Let Persona Health take care of your visa medical requirements with our comprehensive, expert services. Contact us today to book your appointment and experience the Persona Health difference.

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